"Transformation is not the willful attempt to change who and what we are, but the art of becoming who are."
Jeffrey Maitland

From birth we are assigned with one of two sexes; male or female, depending on a number of biological characteristics including chromosomes, hormones, internal reproductive organs and genitalia.  A sex, plus a name (also commonly gender specific) are essentially the first notions of identity thrust upon us before we are left to define the rest for ourselves.

Self representation, coupled with our physical appearance and anatomy set the stage for how the masses will perceive and interact with us. Daily, every individual wears their gender, manifested in the forms of varying social queues: facial hair, lipstick, or clothing choices.  Body appropriation, self image and gender identity are issues that every individual experiences. Ritual and routine play a large role in everyone's gender identity.

This ongoing project follows several members of the Female to Male transgender community.  My collection of photographs explore ways in which my subjects cope with dysphoria and appropriate their bodies through ritual and routine. Having struggled with many similar themes myself, I feel the universality of body appropriation is a crucial parallel to draw in battle against transphobia.