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The Tom Fun Orchestra

Selection of images/video from TFO Tour 2012.  
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The Tom Fun Orchestra is a cluster-rock group from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  The band features an unconventional mix of electric and acoustic instruments, including banjo, accordion, trumpet, bass, violin,  electric and acoustic guitars, and drums. Their eclectic sound and talent has warranted them such awards as two ECMAs as well as two Nova Scotia Music Awards and multiple tours across Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia. They have elicited comparisons to acts ranging from The Clash, Tom Waits and The Pogues to The Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene.

On November 13th, The Tom Fun Orchestra released its long awaited sophomore album, Earthworm Heart. In celebration of that, they embarked on a 7 week Canada wide tour and invited me along once again to document the shame and the glory that accompanies life on the road as the world renown Tom Fun Orchestra.

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