Plotting sexual identity is an interactive photographic work, inspired by the Kinsey sexuality rating scale and the Klein grid of sexual orientation, that takes a stab at portraying sexual identities without the use of sometimes problematic language. It is a series of photographs which can be arranged to chart a visual representation of external sexual anatomy coupled with preferred sexual behavior.

This project contains a series of photographs that can be arranged according to a participant's anatomy coupled with their sexual behaviour to create an image of 'sexual identity'. A participant plots their anatomy vertically, and are limited to mouths, genitalia, anuses, and hands. Moving down the column horizontally, each body part is matched with those that they interact with sexually. A submission could be sparse or more complex, depending on how fluid the participant's sexual orientation would appear.

Both Kinsey and Klein underscored the complexity of sexual behaviour and orientation, but worked within the confines presented by the male and female sexual binary. Even in the short time since Kinsey and Klein, we have seen technology, medicine and society evolve and shift. Technology and Medicine, to allow surgical and hormonal appropriation of ones anatomy making way for many varied body types or representations of sex. Society, to allow a greater and more complex variety of sexual orientations, lifestyles, and behavior to be expressed openly and in the life. With this in mind, there is now an even wider spectrum of sexual identities than ever previously examined. These are intricate and varied sexual behaviors mixed with complex anatomical combinations that language can fall short of describing and classifying.

Although this project is inspired by the Kinsey scale and the Klein grid it is not an all encompassing study of an individuals sexual experience. If you exclusively sleep with men, you do not need to communicate incidental past experiences with females. The submission should should reflect the sexual behavior with which you most identify. If you are pan-sexual, asexual or a virgin.. feel free to communicate that visually. Stripping sexuality down to it's skivvies is not an attempt to devalue the complexity and varying forms of human intimacy. Rather, it is meant to portray an array of unique sexual behaviors and identities with the bare essentials we have (or have not) been given. This is not meant to present another box to paint yourself into, but to allow an expression of sexual identity free of the boundaries of language.

  • Plotting Sexual Identify is a photographic essay comprised of digital ink jet prints dry mounted back to back at a scale of 3x2 inches.
  • Submissions were obtained in person during dozens of interviews in which the cards were distributed and arranged accordingly.
  • Additional submissions were available via email by description.