Splash Pages

Splash pages are an affordable alternative to more elaborate websites.  In a nutshell, a splash page is a website with minimal content that acts as a home base, or jumping off point, for all other online spaces which you occupy e.g. facebook, bandcamp, twitter, etc. There is always the option to insert and customize additional content but, in essence, it's a series of links and resources with the purpose of redirecting viewers elsewhere. The site's content remains static, requiring infrequent updates. Building is quick and costs are low. 

Custom Building

After being quoted a price that far exceeded my budget for a website, I decided to breach the learning curve and build my own. Since then I've been providing competitively designed web spaces for an affordable price to creatives and growing businesses.  

Website pricing is dependant on a number of variables regarding the complexity of the site. Feel free to contact me for a quote.


I've been fairly selective when working commercially with my photography and my subject matter has predominantly remained nestled within my other avenues of interest; Music, Small Business, Food.

Photography has always been a passion of mine and I prefer to follow up on shoot ideas that seem like exciting opportunities with the potential to yield compelling and refreshing work. Please, feel free to contact me regarding prices and availability. 


frequently, i receive forum submissions from individuals looking to contact my clients: tattooers, piercers, etc.  please, ensure that all inquires are related to my services and that you haven't navigated here from the footer link on an outside website. you certainly would not want to be pierced by me!

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